Browns coach Hue Jackson welcomes Art Briles’ offensive thoughts

Former Baylor coach Art Briles was a guest of Cleveland coach Hue Jackson on Wednesday, appearing on the Browns practice field and wearing team gear. cheap NFL jerseys

Jackson said he invited Briles in order to pick his brain about offense. cheap NFL jerseys

“He’s a tremendous offensive-minded football coach,” Jackson said. “I’m always looking for different ways of doing things and comparing things.”

Jackson understood the sensitivity of bringing in Briles, who was fired by Baylor in May after an investigation commissioned by the school found that the football program did not properly handle allegations of sexual assault by players. Briles told ESPN in September that he made mistakes while at Baylor and that as the leader of the team he was responsible for them. He also apologized to the victims. cheap NFL jerseys

“What happened at Baylor was at Baylor,” Jackson said. “I respect what you’re saying and understand that trail, but at the same time I think everybody deserves an opportunity to kind of do what they do. Again, I respect everybody’s feeling and I don’t condone anything or not. But that’a not for me to judge. cheap NFL jerseys

“The opportunity to pick his brain and have him be around and talk to him and get to know him outside of all of that in a different capacity is what was important to me.”

Jackson has promised to take a strong stand with off-field issues and his team.

“A strong stance with the people within our organization,” Jackson said. “(What happened at Baylor) happened at a different time and not here. I can’t judge that. I understand everybody has an opinion about it. I get to judge here. And what goes on here in our building.” cheap NFL jerseys

Briles, who hopes to coach again, could be with the team for up to two weeks. He visited the Browns in training camp Aug. 5, and said it was to visit his former Baylor players, something he had done at various teams throughout the preseason.

“There’s some things that I wanted to understand a little bit better,” Jackson said. “Again, the guy’s a tremendous offensive mind. I think we all recognize that. If we recognize nothing else, he is that.”


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